Help users help themselves, reducing costs, saving user’s time & leverage your community. Helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & leverage WordPress, the world’s most popular (& powerful) website control panel / content management system.

Support Central

Your easy-to-use web-based portal for all support requests. Multi-user, and fully integrated into – including SwiftTasks for escalation, SwiftBooks for accounting issues & centralized address book & calendar.


Develop templates, macros, and automation to save time & ensure messaging consistency. Automated import of WordPress knowledgebase content to integrate URLs & web content. Reporting on most helpful & least helpful support articles.


Create help tickets from email, chat, website forms, phone, social media and even snail-mail to wow your clients. Embed chat into any website with easy WordPress Support plugin, & integrate to marketing & sales follow up


More Features:

  • Help Desk Support Software WordPress Plugin – Easily add a Support Knowledgebase to any WordPress based website, which these days is much, much more than just a blog, though they all have Blogs built in as well. Create a “Help & Support” category, improve your Search Engine rankings, leverage you community, empower staff & users / clients / customers to add tips, comments, and help, and more. On your site, you can also add support request forms, which will automatically try to get the user to help themselves before opening a request. If you like, add a chat widget. Is your website running some other system besides WordPress? You can setup a subdomain (i.e. or for an easy-to-manage, powerful support central online. This allows you to easily add video screencasts or video help to any help-file, approve comments by other users, update the help files as needed, and more.
  • Knowledgebase Reporting on most and least helpful content and optional meta tag filtering to specify model number, product ID, or other way to focus on just a single item
  • SLA Service Level Agreement – if you charge for support or guarantee service levels, Swift Help Desk can associate a SLA to the client / requestor automatically. This allows you to escalate requests to sales or billing if needed.
  • Escalation, Delegation, Assignment – if a support request turns into a bug report, you can easily add staff to any request, or spin off another task such as software bug fixes.
  • Automated Ticket Closure – Keep your pipeline clean when responding to users, many of for whom the issue will be closed. If the customer needs to further support, they can re-open or reply as needed.
  • Email Piping – automatically import from a pop3 or imap email box, or setup forwarding on your hosting controls to automatically send email into your help dashboard. Have support conversations with clients back and forth within the easy-to-use control panel, all with managerial oversight and support for multiple users.
  • Optional Live Chat – coming soon (contact us for beta testing). Connect chat to any website.
  • Twitter & Facebook import / monitoring – coming soon
  • Automation via Macros and Templates. Use pre-canned pre-written responses for frequent questions, and optionally add status updates and other automation into a single “macro” that collapses multiple events into a single button push.

Need something else? Just let us know – we are focused on building the very best support system possible.