Getting Set Up is Easy!

Swift Helpdesk is two main components:

  1. The self-help knowledgebase center. This must be based on WordPress (Free) and running our free help desk support software plugin. You can see our example at
  2. ‘s actual ticket system, which is part of Swift Tasks social task & project management. From here you’ll respond to support-requests that come in via web-form, email, phone, chat, social channels, snail-mail, or API (from such places as a shopping cart, or API “bridge systems” like

Part 1: Setup

  1. Just sign up for (Free!).
  2. Setup your company
  3. Setup your personal profile
  4. Proceed to WordPress setup below and then setup

Part 2: Setup Up Your WordPress “Help Central”

Setup steps:

  1. To get the most from Swift Helpdesk, you’ll need at least one wordpress-based website.  If your main website is not based on WordPress, we might suggest setting up a subdomain like or If your main business website is already on wordpress, skip this step – you’ve already got what you need.
  2. Create a post-category called “Help & Support”
  3. Install our (free) help desk support software wordpress plugin.
  4. Create 3 pages:
    1. Support-Request
    2. Support Central
    3. thanks-help
  5. Define the settings in the WordPress plugin to match

All done! Test it out.

Best practices:

You may wish to periodically add help articles, which will reduce the human-support-requests as your users learn to help themselves.

If you run a membership site, note our plugin does have special functions for resetting user passwords, and automatically pre-filling in member’s info (i.e. if the user is logged in, then we already know who they are).